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Transgender Marxism

By Jules Joanne Gleeson and Elle O'Rourke, 2021

Exploring trans lives and movements, the authors delve into the experience of surviving as transgender considering the totality of gendered experience under capitalism. They explore the pressures, oppression and state persecution faced by trans people living in capitalist societies, how they survive the damage done through their tenuous position in the workplace and the home, and give a powerful response to right-wing scaremongering against ‘gender ideology’. Reflecting on the relations between gender and labour, they show how antagonisms faced by gender non-conforming people are structured within society. Looking at the history of transgender movements, historical materialist interventions into developmental theory, psychoanalytic speculation and workplace ethnography, the authors ultimately conclude that for trans liberation, capitalism must be abolished.

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  1. Thank You. A infinite Grateful for all the wonderful and precious people who are behind this website. I am closeted Trans. I love to read about other Trans people works.

    Love and Gratitude

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