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Anthology Essay Journal/Diary Nonfiction

TransSisters: the journal of transsexual feminism # 5 (Summer 1994)

By AAVV, 1994

Contents: Letters to the editor — Trans-action news — Michigan womyn’s music festival update — Fool’s paradox: an interview with Kate Bornstein — To live outside the law you must be honest — Kate and Ally (and Diane and Valerie and Greta) — Identity /crisis — My summer vacation — What sex are you? — Lesbians who date transsexuals — A rose is a rose: the nomenclature of sex and oppression — Blossom of boneheads — Introducing — Always a way around it — She walks, she talks, she crawls on her belly like a reptile — The grand alliance — Revise ICTLEP, not the HBIGDA standards of care.

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