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Anthology Essay Journal/Diary Nonfiction

TransSisters: the journal of transsexual feminism # 4 (Spring 1994)

By AAVV, 1994

Contents: Letters to the editor — Trans-action news — Meet the staff — Noms de plume, noms de guerre: pride and privacy — Sex changes of the gods: sex-changing as shape-shifting in pagan mythology, ritual and religious practice — The myth of Cybele and Attis — “A woman now, I have been man, youth and boy” — The magna mater and her gallae in Rome — Recreating the rites of Cybele and Attis — The rites of Cybele and Attis — None of your business — Infinite length: impressions of the XIII international symposium of the Harry Benjamin Association — An interview with James Green by Thyme S. Siegel — Michigan womyn’s music festival update — Full circle of women conference — Paratoxic.

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