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Twelve tips for incorporating and teaching sexual and gender minority health in medical school curricula

By Michael Solotke, Nicole A Sitkin, Michael L Schwartz, and John A Encandela, 2019

The World Health Organization has identified many barriers to improving the health of lesbian, gay, bisexual, and transgender (LGBT) patients, including challenges to incorporating and teaching about healthcare for such patients, which we call “sexual and gender minority” (SGM) health content. These challenges include structural and logistical barriers to incorporating SGM health content into undergraduate medical curricula, as well as lack of support in identifying high-quality pedagogical methods for teaching this material. Here, we provide twelve tips for incorporating and teaching SGM health curricular content in undergraduate medical education, including resources and strategies to support individual educators. Based on our success in developing and implementing this content, we believe that our approach can be effectively used by individual educators aiming to incorporate SGM health curricular material into their teaching, and to support individuals or groups championing the inclusion of a SGM health topical sequence in medical curricula.

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