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Biography Nonfiction

Behold, I am a Woman

By Fianna, Felicity Cochrane, 1972

WHEN DIANNA WALKED OUT OF THE HOSPITAL, SHE FELT LIKE A NEW WOMAN. Indeed, that was precisely what she was. For “Dianna”—the name she uses in this extraordinary first-person story—had just had her sex changed in a headlinemaking medical operation that caused heated controversy throughout the country. Now Dianna tells her story. The story of a boy growing up to discover he was a girl in every way but in physical equipment. The story of a boy forced by society to live a secret life of shame and degradation in the night world of the sexual outcast. A story that is bizarre, startling, shocking—yet one that is deeply human and courageous, a moving plea for tolerance and understanding of individual sexual preferences, no matter how unusual they may be.

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