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Diasporic Intimacies: Queer Filipinos and Canadian Imaginaries

By Robert Diaz, Marissa Largo, and Fritz Pino, 2018

Diasporic Intimacies: Queer Filipinos and Canadian Imaginaries is the first edited volume of its kind, featuring the works of leading scholars, artists, and activists who reflect on the contributions of queer Filipinos to Canadian culture and society. Addressing a wide range of issues beyond the academy, the authors present a rich and under-studied archive of personal reflections, in-depth interviews, creative works, and scholarly essays. Their trandsdisciplinary approach highlights the need for queer, transgressive, and utopian practices that render visible histories of migration, empire building, settler colonialism, and globalization. Timely, urgent, and fascinating, Diasporic Intimacies offers an accessible entry point for readers who seek to pursue critically engaged community work, arts education, curatorial practice, and socially inflected research on sexuality, gender, and race in this ever-changing world. Contributors to this book are Filipino artists, scholars, and activists who immigrated to Canada (or their descendants). In essays, interviews, and personal narratives, they consider issues related to queer Filipinos in Canadian culture. At the intersection of sexuality, migration, and racialization, the book addresses areas such as diaspora and disruption of belonging, mourning the AIDS crisis, the political stakes for pursuing queer Filipino studies, and artistic practice as a site for examining queer and Filipino Canadian forms of expression. Artists, writers, and activists discussed include Marigold Santos, Radyo Migrante, Benjamin Bongolan, and Constantine Cabrios. The book’s audience includes readers interested in arts education, queer history, queers of color, and queer historiography.

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