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Drama Fiction


By Melanie Ezell, 2020

Bree is your average twenty-something artist: talented, a bit neurotic… and head over heels in love with her roommate Jake. There’s only one problem: Jake only knows Bree’s male alter ego, Brian! Fortunately for her, her best friend Jasmine has a plan to bring Bree into the light of day once and for all, and show her that the love she craves might not be as far fetched as she thinks. Then, in “Little by Little,” Curtis is your average teenager, trudging through his day to day life. When an opportunity arises to spend time with one of the most beautiful girls in his school he leaps at the chance, only to learn that she has something more than studying in mind. When an unexpected visitor arrives just as things are getting interesting for the would-be couple, however, a half-baked plan to mitigate the damage leads to Curtis — now using the moniker CJ — discovering a side of themselves they never expected . . . and romance in the arms of an equally unexpected source. Follow along with our heroines as they discover love, and maybe something more, in “Enamored: A Transgender Romance Fiction Two Pack.”

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