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Critique Essay Nonfiction Theory

For the decolonization of trans* identities

By Viviane Vergueiro Simakawa, unknown

This paper intends to make a critical reflection on the diverse transgender and non-cisgender identities and lived experiences using concepts and methodologies inspired by subaltern studies, especially Queer Theory and Post(Anti)colonial Studies.Following the decentralizing intellectual path carried out by considering heterosexuality as an idealized and dominant value, and contextualizing contemporary visions on gender from a critical (anticolonial) historical perspective, the proposal is to conceptualize cisgender-ness as a fundamental analytical category in understanding normatizations and oppressions inflicted (not only, but especially) upon transgender and non-cisgender peoples, in some of the different aspects and spheres in which they occur. Keywords: Transgender-ness, Cisgender-ness, Decolonization, Queer Theory,Postcolonial Studies.

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