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Gender, Considered: Feminist Reflections Across the US Social Sciences

By Sarah Fenstermaker and Abigail J. Stewart , 2020

This book gathers reflections from 15 US based feminist social scientists about gender – as orienting framework, as one aspect of an intersectional approach, as a feature of intellectual identity, and as a problematic construct. Gender as an analytic, dynamic concept has had an important impact within and across social sciences in the past several decades. That impact for some arose in dialogue with interdisciplinary women’s studies, and was sometimes troubled both in women’s studies and in relation to other interdisciplines and disciplines. As a new generation of gender scholars embarks on their careers in social science, Fenstermaker and Stewart’s collection provides scholars an opportunity to reflect on the course of different disciplinary histories and autobiographies, as well as illuminate individual scholarly craft and disciplinary direction as our understanding of gender has unfolded over time. The volume will also represent one kind of collective wisdom to inspire younger scholars.

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