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Gender violence revisited: Lessons from violent victimization of transgender identified individuals

By Daniela Jauk, 2013

Violence against individuals with non-normative gender presentation is an alarming public health problem in the USA. Based on ethnographic research in transgender communities in the American Midwest I demonstrate that the significance of multiple and simultaneous gendered victimization experiences of transgender individuals urges the need to rethink the equation of ‘‘gender violence ¼ violence against women.’’ The findings reveal that: First, violence impedes the quality of transgender lives on a daily basis. Second, violent harassment occurs most if individuals visibly transgress gender norms. Third, the sampled transgender individuals respond to violence in diverse ways: Coping strategies range from resignation, depression, as well as constraints in mobility and gender presentation on one side of the spectrum to active resistance through community building, self-policing, and creative arts on the other.

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