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Guidelines for psychological practice with transgender and gender nonconforming people.

By American Psychological Association, 2015

The purpose of the Guidelines for Psychological Practice with Transgender and Gender Nonconforming People (hereafter Guidelines) is to assist psychologists in the pro- vision of culturally competent, developmentally appropri- ate, and trans-affirmative psychological practice with TGNC people. Trans-affirmative practice is the provision of care that is respectful, aware, and supportive of the identities and life experiences of TGNC people (Korell & Lorah, 2007). The Guidelines are an introductory resource for psychologists who will encounter TGNC people in their practice, but can also be useful for psychologists with expertise in this area of practice to improve the care already offered to TGNC people. The Guidelines include a set of definitions for readers who may be less familiar with lan- guage used when discussing gender identity and TGNC populations (see Appendix A). Distinct from TGNC, the term “cisgender” is used to refer to people whose sex assigned at birth is aligned with their gender identity (E. R. Green, 2006; Serano, 2006).

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