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Helpful information to whom? An intersectional critique of the ‘it gets better project’

By Blake Hawkins ,Nazanin Andalibi, and Oliver Haimson, 2019

The ‘It Gets Better Project’ started as an online campaign responding to the suicide deaths of multiple young gay men in Fall 2010. The campaign involved people posting videos providing messages of hope and helpful health information for youth as they finish high school and can move on with their lives. Although there is seemingly good intentions driving this this campaign, we were troubled by the initial positioning of the campaign. In this paper we use an intersectional critique to discuss the lack of inclusivity in these videos and how it created a potential opportunity to engage with more LGBTQ youth. Furthermore, we suggest that future online campaigns for gender/sexual minority populations be more mindful of others’ lived experiences and how this may impact how they seek health information.

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