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HIM HER ME YOU US: A Transgender Story

By Savannah Blue, 2018

A Transgender Novel

“I hate mirrors. Especially magic ones. I’ve considered shattering every single one I’ve come across on more than a few occasions in my lifetime. My boots hit the pavement as I move through Midtown. The Empire State Building looms overhead. It’s silvery steeple which juts out into the sky makes me realize that at one time, long ago, it used to be the tallest building in the world. How things change… The smell of steaming, wet concrete, the incessant honking of car horns and the impatient yelling of drivers along with the sweat that slicks my forehead reminds me it’s June. Humid. Hazy. One big, busy hotbox. This time of year, New York City is full of ill-tempered, impatient people who simply can’t think straight since the temperatures are nearing ninety degrees. At the end of the block a man and a woman argue about who gets the cab that’s pulled up to the curb. Summertime madness… Shaking my head, I eyeball the melee. The woman screeches. The man roars. The cab driver stays in-thecab. A brunette with a heavily swollen belly stands off to the side, away from the two combatants. She’s clutching her purse to her hip as if she’s afraid she’s about to get robbed.”

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