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Transgender History in the United States

By Genny Beemyn , unknown

The history of transgender and gender nonconforming people in the United States is one of struggle, but also of self-determination and community building. Transgender groups have participated in activism and education around many issues, including gender expectations, depathologization, poverty, and discrimination. Like many other marginalized people, our history is not always preserved, and we have few places to turn to learn the stories of our predecessors. This chapter is an unabridged version of the United States History chapter of Trans Bodies, Trans Selves, a resource guide by and for transgender communities. Despite limiting its focus to the United States, this chapter still contained so much important information that would need to be cut to meet the book’s length requirements that a decision was made to publish it separately in its original form. We cannot possibly tell the stories of the many diverse people who together make up our history, but we hope that this is a beginning

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