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Art Essay Humanities Nonfiction Theater/Play Theory

Inclusive Character Analysis: Putting Theory into Practice for the 21st Century Theatre Classroom

By Jennifer Thomas, Robert J. Vrtis, 2020

Inclusive Character Analysis foregrounds representations of race, gender, class, ability, and sexual orientation by blending script analysis with a variety of critical theories in order to create a more inclusive performance practice for the classroom and the stage. This book merges a traditional Stanislavski-based script analysis with multiple theoretical frameworks, such as gender theory, standpoint theory, and critical race theory, to give students in early level theatre courses foundational skills for analyzing a play, while also introducing them to contemporary thought about race, gender, and identity. Inclusive Character Analysis is a valuable resource for beginning acting courses, script analysis courses, the directing classroom, early design curriculum, dramaturgical explorations, the playwriting classroom, and introduction to performance studies classes. Additionally, the book offers a reader-style background on theoretical frames for performance faculty and practitioners who may need assistance to integrate non-performance centered theory into their classrooms.

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