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Innovations in Sexual-Theological Activism: Queer Theology Meets Theatre of the Oppressed

By Kerri Mesner, 2015

Despite extraordinary strides in queer religious activism in recent decades, religiously motivated anti-queer violence continues to be both prevalent and inadequately addressed. Forms of subtle and outright homophobia, biphobia, and transphobia are among the few remaining forms of societal discrimination that still have an air of acceptability. This discrimination appears to be further exacerbated both by complacency within queer communities, and an increasing normalization and mainstreaming of queer religious activist movements. This article introduces a new body of work combining queer theologies and Theatre of the Oppressed to develop strategic interventions in addressing religiously motivated anti-queer violence. The paper brings into conversation queer theologian Marcella Althaus-Reid with Theatre of the Oppressed creator, Augusto Boal; in so doing, this new area of ministry aims to bridge the gap between academic and activist approaches to sexual-theological activism. Keywords: Althaus-Reid, Boal, queer, theatre, theology

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