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Is Transsexualism Chronic

By Cassius Adair, 2022

in 2011, I was diagnosed with chronic transsexualism.

The doctor did not actually term it ”chronic transsexualism.” It was a diagnosis of ”transsexualism” with a duration marked as ”chronic.” Such a diagnosis sounded dated even at that time. The fourth edition of the Diagnostic and Statistical Manual (DSM-IV), which was current then, used ”gender identity disorder” as the recommended phrasing for the psychological diagnosis.2 But I, an angry and recalcitrant transsexual, had demanded to go directly to a hormone-prescribing physician rather than follow the therapeutic steps recommended by the university’s ”comprehensive” gender clinic. So, instead, a doctor gave me a medical diagnosis.3 As such, the language in my chart is not from the DSM but from the doctor’s handbook, the tenth edition of the International Classification of Diseases (icd-10), in which ”transsexualism” was then, and was until 2022, classified as a disease.

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