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Making Trans Cinema: A Roundtable Discussion with Felix Endara, Reina Gossett, Chase Joynt, Jess Mac and Madsen Minax

By Jules Rosskam, 2020

In conversation with Jules Rosskam, trans filmmakers Felix Endara, Chase Joynt, Reina Gossett, Madsen Minax, and Jess Mac explore the contemporary state of trans cinema production, trans methodologies and social practices, the corporeality of cinema, and the relationship between theory and practice. Like somatechnics complicates the term ‘body modification,’ cinema broadens the ways in which we think and talk about films to include the world around the film – the technologies, power(s), relationships, disciplines, spaces, and techniques. The filmmakers discuss the various ways in which their embodied experiences influence and necessitate particular modes of production, reception, and theorization. There is a dynamic and organic movement between the past, present, and future, between dominant and experimental cinemas; one deeply rooted in the urgent intersectionality of trans.

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