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Mental Health Disparities Within the LGBT Population: A Comparison Between Transgender and Nontransgender Individuals

By Dejun Su et al., 2016

Purpose: This study assessed within a Midwestern LGBT population whether, and the extent to which, transgen- der identity was associated with elevated odds of reported discrimination, depression symptoms, and suicide attempts. Methods: Based on survey data collected online from respondents who self-identified as lesbian, gay, bisexual, and/or transgender persons over the age of 19 in Nebraska in 2010, this study performed bivariate t- or chi- square tests and multivariate logistic regression analysis to examine differences in reported discrimination, de- pression symptoms, suicide attempts, and self-acceptance of LGBT identity between 91 transgender and 676 nontransgender respondents. Results: After controlling for the effects of selected confounders, transgender identity was associated with higher odds of reported discrimination (OR = 2.63, p < 0.01), depression symptoms (OR = 2.33, p < 0.05), and attempted sui- cides (OR = 2.59, p < 0.01) when compared with nontransgender individuals. Self-acceptance of LGBT identity was associated with substantially lower odds of reporting depression symptoms (OR = 0.46, p < 0.001). Conclusion: Relative to nontransgender LGB individuals, transgender individuals were more likely to report dis- crimination, depression symptoms, and attempted suicides. Lack of self-acceptance of LGBT identity was asso- ciated with depression symptoms among transgender individuals.

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