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Art History Nonfiction

Music, Identity, Gender: Cengis, Koceks, Coceks

By Sehvar Besiroglu, N/A

Studies on identity and gender in ethnomusicology, have drawn more attention not only on the culturally structured ideas of identity and gender discrimination in the society, which were influenced by the developments in the feminist movement and anthropology, but also on researching the relationships between musical behavior and this field. While evaluation of the world musics from a cultural and interdisciplinary perspective has made a progress together with the diffusion of “ethnomusicology”, the new titles “music and identity”, “music and gender” gained popularity in the world music cultures as a result of the interest in studies on different musical fields. Drawing on anthropology as well as studies on identity, gender, woman and culture, ethnomusicologists have found out that female and male identities are culturally structured in different ways. At this point, together with the opinion based on the apparently natural differences in music, new debates have developed in a way that has revealed the relationship of musical products and behavior with the continual gender discrimination within the social system.

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