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Music Teachers Attitudes Toward Transgender Students and Supportive School Practices

By Jason M. Silveira and Sarah C. Goff, 2016

The purpose of this study was to measure music teachers’ attitudes toward transgender individuals and toward school practices that support transgender students. Participants (N = 612) included men and women who teach a variety of music subjects in elementary, middle, and high schools, in urban, suburban, and rural areas. An online questionnaire was distributed to participants representing 28 states in the United States. The questionnaire consisted of demographic information and several attitudinal statements designed to measure music teachers’ attitudes toward transgender individuals (MT-ATTI) and music teachers’ attitudes toward supportive school practices (MT-ATSSP). The results indicated that participants had fairly positive attitudes overall. Multiple regression analyses also revealed that gender and political persuasion on social issues significantly predicted participants’ scores on the MT- ATTI and the MT-ATSSP; female participants had more positive attitudes than did male participants, and individuals identifying as more socially liberal had more positive attitudes than did those identifying as more socially conservative. The variables of school location and age did not significantly predict scores on the MT-ATTI or the MT- ATSSP. Implications for teacher preparation programs and professional development are discussed, and future directions for research are recommended.

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