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Trans issues and later life

By ageUK, 2021

This factsheet provides information about later life for trans people. The main focus is on growing older for people who have transitioned and live permanently in their affirmed gender. It also provides information for people in later life who are thinking about gender reassignment. The factsheet covers a range of legal, financial and social care issues. It includes a guide to terminology and details of where to go for further information and support. Terminology used by trans people to describe their experiences and identities is varied and changes over time. We are committed to reflecting this diversity but recognise that terms used in this factsheet may vary in their usage or become outdated. The information in this factsheet is applicable to England and Wales. If you are in Scotland or Northern Ireland, please contact Age Scotland or Age NI for information. Contact details are at the back of the factsheet. Age UK Advice can give you contact details for a local Age UK in England. In Wales, call Age Cymru Advice. Contact details for any organisation mentioned in this factsheet can be found in the Useful organisations section.

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