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Beyond the queer alphabet: conversations on gender, sexuality and intersectionalities

By edited by Malinda Smith and Fatima Jaffer, 2012

This e-book, Beyond the Queer Alphabet: Conversations on Gender, Sexuality & Intersectionality, emerges from two interrelated blog series on bullying and on LGBTQI2-S (lesbian, gay, bisexual, transgendered, queer, intersex and 2-Spirited) issues. Thoughtful and timely pieces were written by some of Canada’s leading researchers, including Brian Burtch, Rebecca Haskell, Lucas Crawford, Robert Nichols, Kris Wells, Wendy Craig, Joanne Cummings, Debra Pepler and Elsie Hambrook. Many of these entries eloquently spoke about the need to confront hate crimes, homophobia and transphobia -as well as the need to go beyond these issues in order to achieve a deeper understanding of resilience and the kinds of education and hard work needed to achieve equity across and within diverse LGBTQI2-S communities. This call to ‘go beyond’ phobias suggests a new orientation in what and how we address gender, gender identity and sexual diversity and, especially, intersectionality within the LGBTQI2-S communities in Canada and internationally.

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