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Unicornucopia: The Little Book of Unicorns

By Caitlin Doyle, 2018

Over 200 pages of legends, spells, facts, and rainbow food recipes! Do you need a little more rainbow in your life? What about sparkle? Look no further. Unicornucopia is here! Packed full of over 200 enchanting pages of legends, spells, facts, crafts, and unicorn food recipes, Unicornucopia: The Little Book of Unicorns is the ultimate compendium of all things unicorn. DID YOU KNOW? The existence of unicorns wasn’t disproved until as late as 1825 * A recipe for how best to cook unicorn was discovered in a medieval cookbook * Throughout history, unicorns have been described as everything from mice with horns to magical rhinoceros * Unicorn horns were believed to cure fevers, purify poisons, prolong youth, and act as an aphrodisiac Full of gorgeous full-colour illustrations and plenty of joyful whimsy throughout, Unicornucopia includes everything you could ever want to know about these magical creatures, all in a gorgeous, covetable, rainbow-edged package. It’s the perfect gift for every unicorn lover in your life!

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